SNSF Research Commission

Titleimage: SNSF Research Commission

The local SNSF Research Commission (RC) is a body of the Swiss National Science Foundation and links this with the University of Bern. It is governed by the Framework Regulations and the Regulations of the SNSF Research Commission of the University of Bern. The Research Commission performs the following duties:

  • Evaluation and granting of mobility fellowships of the funding instruments Doc.Mobility and Early Postdoc.Mobility of the SNSF
  • Evaluation and selection of candidates for Doc.CH funding (humanities and social sciences) in the initial phase
  • Evaluation of applications for grants awarded to the University of Bern (Initiators Grants, Interdisciplinarity Grants)
  • Provision of information and advice to interested researchers at the University of Bern about the scholarship programs offered by the SNSF in cooperation with the SNSF's Careers Committee